Áine Duffy

Aine Duffy

Now here's a girl with real sass!

Áine Duffy's Put Your Money On! Was described as announcing the arrival of a major talent on to the music scene since emerging from rural West Cork, a tranquil part of Ireland seemingly too quiet and peaceful to spawn such a creature.

Cork girl Áine Duffy has been making a name for herself outside Ireland with her high energy performances, huge vocal range, song writing skills and prowess with the guitar. She has toured the UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain as well as the States where she based herself frequently. So impressed with her were they in Switzerland that she was presented with two Patrick Eggle electric guitars and then went to Birmingham to meet Patrick and Co in his guitar factory! She has also played support to acts such as Imelda May, Jack L and Kila. Still gigging with Jack L, in famous venues around Ireland.

In 2011 Ireland Áine, kicked off with the single “I don’t think you’re ready”, produced by Ciarán O Shea. The accompanying video was shot by film maker and friend Chris Cassidy on a Brooklyn rooftop with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop – she would like to say she organized the pyrotechnic display – but in fact it just happened……..a little bit of magic!

She will release another single in 2012 called “Keeping The Streets Clean.”  A live recording of this was done by Balcony TV on the top deck of the Julia ship (Cork­-Swansea ferry) and received number one internationally by Balcony TV.


Áine rocks, soars, emotes and challenges. She will put that shiver up your spine if you give her half a chance!
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An album possible the whole world and it’s wife will want
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Completely addictive, impossible to divert your eyes
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